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    Huda Al-fariyan

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    q1 Technology

    Post by Huda Al-fariyan on Wed May 16, 2012 2:43 am

    Technology World

    Technology is a second world from our life. Of
    course no one can live without technology because technology is very
    important in our life and everywhere you can see it. Technology changes
    our life and everyone have a some special things in technology. Some people technology makes them so strong and some have a hobby or talent with that and some technology make them inventor or famous persons.

    For me, before when I bought my special thing from technology world, my life was so boring and I wasn’t have lots of relations with people or famous ones. And I hadn’t a hobby do it in my free time. Also I was hating go outside of my house because I wasn’t have a fun.

    But now after when I bought my CAMERA ♥️_♥️ my life changed a loottt because now I have a hobby and lots of relations with famous people.Now I feel how life is amazing with my best friend "My Camera" and some people want me to take a photos for them from Jeddah and Riyadh and of course here also my family and me proud ofthis thing. I can't describe how I feel because
    lots of things are changed ♥️_♥️.

    by:Nouf waleed

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