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    study abroad

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    f5 study abroad

    Post by IΠJOUD ♥' on Wed May 16, 2012 11:06 am

    study abroad

    All around the world,There are international student at institutions of higher education.International student are a post secondry student from another country .Another phrase for international student is "foreign student" the word "foreign" means "of a different country or culture".Even so,some people don't like the word foreign,Instead,they use the phrase international student .The country with the most students from abroad is the United States,Canda,Great Britain,and some other European countries.Student from other countries and culture bring internationalism to the classroom and campus.They bring different language,customs,ideas,and opinion from many places,that's why institution of higher education wants international student.

    There are many benefits of studying abroad.One of them is togives you the opportunity to break out of your academic routine.Studying abroad is the optimal way to learn different language.Also,students want the experience of life in new culture.Another thing is to have the opportunity to make friends around the world.

    Study abroad can enhance the value of your degree and also enhance employment opportunity.

    Many student want degrees in business,ingineering or technology.These subjects are not always available in their home countries.some governments and companies send their best graduate studentand workers to other countries for knewledge and skills.All students must complete necessary cource requirements.After years of study,They get certificates or college degree.These are proof of competion of courses of study.Students can get financial aid ,Like scholarships.grants or loans.This money helps students to pay college tuition and other charges.At some universities,not all students go to the campus.They take internet cources by computer,see and hear lectures on television, or use other kinds of distance learning,in this kind of learning the students and the teachers are separated in place and time.

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