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    The English language "paragraph"

    Rawan abdullah alQahtani

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    q1 The English language "paragraph"

    Post by Rawan abdullah alQahtani on Sun May 20, 2012 1:17 am

    This is " aljazi alQahtani " project
    it is a paragraph

    English language useful and easy life. And I love the English language, because they help us in many things. Including : If we went to the foreign
    language often tells us to understand and talk with them. English-language became the first world and the most widespread in the world. And-English language of science and scientific research. And a lot of things. There is also a lot of interest for the English language is :-a reply to the campaigns of distortion through the use of language. B-refute misconceptions and misperceptions about Arabs and Arab-Islamic culture. C-use of the English language in the dissemination of the Islamic religion and Arab-Islamic culture. Finally d learning English helps in raising a good citizen who defends
    the values and ideals of the nation, and religion.

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