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    Post by Dana alshubaili on Wed May 02, 2012 4:45 am

    The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation and restore vitality and activity, and therefore must be of a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, and to give its design and coordination of special attention, and with little attention to the order and you help your bedroom nest vibrant with love and warmth

    Start first put your bed against a wall Salad to ensure enjoy Phnom quiet and comfortable in the darkness, and Ibaadi into the bed from the door as much as possible to provide more privacy, and add in advance (head) of your bed (if not available in it) it gives landscape an elegant and intimate of the bed.

    And Strive to be the room tidy always, brings chaos, confusion, depression, laziness, if you open your eyes in the morning and you think happened on a pile of clothes in the room immediately Vstcharin tired because you Stvkran in order before your day is to begin the new.

    These are some of the proposed ideas to make your bedroom a place you feel comfortable:

    1 - Try to use candles and red roses as they pour passion and inspiration, and put glass crystals at room windows to reflect sunlight inside.

    2 - bedroom is not the appropriate place for the TV but if you see a need to screen that hid it closed, or put it inside the Treasury.

    3 - balance is an important element in the bedroom, choose an identical two tables on either side of your bed and put them facing lamps and double jewels and elegant.

    4 - Hang some paintings or drawings of beautiful landscapes-free images of animate beings.

    5 - Avoid using blankets in Zrkstha amounts, and without exaggeration Use pillows sofas that make your bed soft warm embrace Frakhh Kash.

    6 - if you allow the space try to find a place to sit inside the room, it makes it more attractive and temptation and to achieve a balance where identical or choose two chairs sofa one decorated Bmsand the pace.

    7 - of course you know the importance of the mirror and whenever you are large and beautiful, but it will not be pretty if what is reflected in the chaos and rubble, so it was called the mirror reflect the beauty and the beauty around you

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