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    Fauziah Al.Rashid

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    Post by Fauziah Al.Rashid on Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:42 am

    Smart House

    The technology which surrounds almost everyone in the world, affects both work and life.
    Many different elements affect how satisfied we are with our lives. The impact of technology on these elements can change how safe, healthy and happy people feel.
    I can imagine the impact of the technology in my life, how much it becomes easier and more comfortable.
    To have one smart room in my house that's mean a room that has highly advanced automatic systems for many functions, for example:
    - A smart home appears "intelligent" because its computer systems can monitor so many aspects of daily living.
    -Windows that close when it rains.
    -Door opens automatically when I approach.
    -Automated lighting according to what I'm doing, working or relaxing.
    - temperature control according to the weather outside.
    -multi-media control.
    -the refrigerator able to inventory its contents, suggest menus, and order groceries.
    Finally technology has helped people create the world that we see around us. From the simple hammer that was invented and then used to build houses to the computers we use know to solve complex problems and find cures for diseases.
    By: Fauziah Al-Rashid

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